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Who we are

Our Health Ministry (OHM) is an interdenominational and interfaith resource developed to improve health equity and eliminate healthcare disparities in underserved communities of color. 


We create an ecosystem where faith-based organizations (FBOs) can collaborate with each other, improve the health of their congregations, drive equitable partnerships, and accomplish common goals.


We are:


We are from the communities we serve.

We understand and appreciate the power of local faith and community-based organizations and how they support families and neighborhoods. Houses of Worship through Health Ministries can be trusted sources of information about health and wellbeing.


We are built to drive equity.

We focus solely on supporting faith and community organizations that improve health outcomes, eliminate health disparities, and improve health equity.


We are connected with faith and community partners.

We are deeply connected to well-known and influential faith and community-based organizations. We partner directly with Pastors, Health Ministries, Community Health Workers, Community Advocates, and others working in communities.


We are passionate because our work is personal.

A thriving health ministry creates a strong approach to wellness within your congregation and community, but it can be challenging to build, maintain, or improve. That’s where OHM comes in!

Our team

Silas Buchanan

Founder & CEO

Tinika Sanders

Director of Community Engagement

Doug Williams


Celeste Ribbins

Health Ministry Advisor

Kendall Glynn

Director of Business Development

Krista Forbes

Health Ministry Advisor

Greg Boone

Director of Market Strategy

Nikia White-Spots

Community Engagement Associate

Our partners

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