Covid-19 Resources

Our Health Ministry (OHM), developed in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine’s, National COVID-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN), is where faith, health, technology and social media intersect to provide information, tools, contacts and connections that help faith-based organizations start or strengthen their health ministry.

Faith communities and leaders play a critical role in informing and influencing communities on matters of health. To support your COVID-19 response efforts, download and share the following resources in your health ministry’s outreach efforts.


With cases and deaths surging, the National COVID-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN) launched a new mobile app designed to enable racial/ethnic minority groups -- hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic -- to easily access information and health services to help curb the pandemic’s impact in their local communities.

To learn more about the NCRN and COVID-19 resources near you, visit: or download the app:

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These materials were developed by The National COVID-19 Resiliency Network at Morehouse School of Medicine. To learn more, visit:


Funding Statement: Morehouse School of Medicine created the National COVID-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN) as part of the National Infrastructure for Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 within Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities (NIMIC) Initiative, a three-year cooperative agreement between the Human and Health Services Office of Minority Health and MSM. This work is supported in part by a $40 million award from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Minority Health as part of the NIMIC. Our joint initiative is to work with community-based organizations across the nation to deliver education, information and resources to help fight the pandemic. (Grant # 1 CPIMP201187-01-00).