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Supporting Faith Based 

Health Ministries

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Our Mission

To assist every faith-based organization, regardless of Denomination or Faith, to start or strengthen a Health Ministry that will improve the health and wellbeing of their congregations and community members through education, advocacy and mentoring.

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Our Vision

The Vision of Our Health Ministry is to ensure equitable and optimal health supported by local communities.

Our Health Ministry.

Our Health Ministry (OHM) is offered as an interdenominational and interfaith resource that curates and shares best practices, lessons learned, and key successes from faith-based organizations, forums, workshops, conventions, and conferences. OHM is purpose-built as a resource to assist faith-based health ministers to achieve the best possible healthcare outcomes for their congregations and community members. We are committed to improving health equity and eliminating healthcare disparities in underserved communities, and communities of color.


Our Health Ministry (OHM) is here to help you create lasting success with the information, resources, and support you need.

What is a Health Ministry?

A Health Ministry is a mind-body-soul approach to improving a congregation’s and community’s health and wellbeing. They connect people and promote positive changes in behavior that can improve health and wellbeing. Successful Health Ministries often start with a very small group of committed and passionate individuals. They develop a clear mission and attract volunteers from the congregation with a background in health or healthcare. As the Health Ministry evolves, it leverages community awareness and shortens the distance between congregational and community resources. Health Ministries can partner with local and national healthcare organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions to encourage healthy lifestyles, increased physical fitness, and chronic disease management and/or prevention.

How It Works.

OHM supports houses of worship by providing evidence-based guidance and tools to start, strengthen and sustain Health Ministries. This includes culturally appropriate information and resources that can support more effective outreach, education, and engagement with the congregation.  We provide tools, training, and guidance from experts. We also connect Health Ministries to each other locally, regionally and nationally.

How do I begin?

A successful Health Ministry starts with you! If you are interested in learning more about starting a new Health Ministry, or strengthening yours, please fill out the form below and officially join our community. Explore our site and begin learning how to start or strengthen your Health Ministry!

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