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COVID re-infections stem from waning immunity, doctors say


Sunday, May 15th, 2022

Immunity from previous infections and immunity from vaccines just isn't cutting it with the latest variants. Virologists and health experts say they aren't surprised that people who got COVID once before are getting sick again.

They also say it makes sense why young people between 18 and 34 are seeing the highest number of re-infections.

As people go back to work and return to the things they enjoy, some businesses are relieved their staff wasn’t hit as hard by COVID.

KOMO chatted with Molly Moon’s CEO and founder Molly Moon Neitzel.

“We are not seeing COVID much in our company. We did see a little wave a few weeks ago,” said Moon Neitzel.

The latest numbers from the Washington Department of Health though show that some people who were infected with COVID are getting hit with the virus again.

“My focus is on variants and all the variants that are circulating,” said Dr. Pavitra Roychoudhury with the UW Medicine Virology Lab.

“Everything is opening up in society in terms of more social gatherings and interactions. But at the same time, immunity has been waning from vaccinations because it has been a while since people got that second dose,” continued Roychoudhury.

Many of the people who are getting re-infected are the people who first got COVID in the winter.

“A lot of people got infected during the BA1 surge during the December period,” said Roychoudhury.

New variants like BA2.12.1 are also a big concern.


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