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Ohio Council of Churches

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Ohio Council of Churches

The Ohio Council of Churches (OCC) is a partnership of 17 Christian denominations in 23 different organizational configurations or judicatories throughout the state of Ohio. While our administrative offices are in Columbus, the Ohio Council of Churches is much larger than any office; it is all of us, together, across Ohio!Faith One Network seeks to:

Create equitable partnerships between faith-based organizations (FBOs) and healthcare industry partners that create and/or support community-based pathways designed to deliver culturally appropriate information, tools and methods that will address social determinants of health, reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes

Leverage our FBOs to perform assessments of our own community’s capacity to support telehealth initiatives that could more effectively connect our communities to healthcare.

Initiate and/or support efforts that lead our community members to careers in healthcare delivery, health technology, clinical research and/or allied entrepreneurial opportunities.

Build community capacity to address the inequitable distribution of money, power and resources at the local level which contribute to harmful social and political determinants of health.


Ohio Council of Churches

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