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Mind. Body. Soul. Equity.

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Our Health Ministry (OHM) is an interdominational and interfaith resource developed to improve health equity and eliminate healthcare disparities in underserved communities of color.

We drive equitable partnerships between Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) and:

Community members

Healthcare stakeholders

Government agencies

Academic institutions

We are committed to improving health equity and eliminating healthcare disparities in underserved communities and communities of color, and we do this by empowering people with information, data, and opportunities to learn from one another.


What is health ministry support?

A thriving health ministry creates a strong approach to wellness within your congregation and community, but it can be challenging to build, maintain, or improve. That’s where OHM comes in!

We’ll equip you with the right resources to assist you no matter where you are in the health ministry journey. We believe every faith-based organization and community can benefit from an effective health ministry, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Through your health ministry, you can connect with other organizations, improve health outcomes for your congregation and community, and run valuable campaigns that directly address health disparities and other issues.

How it works

OHM is here to support and enhance your existing health ministry, or help you start a new one.


Click the Join us button and complete a quick survey for your organization, so we can get to know you!

Gain immediate enrollment in the Text4Wellness campaign — a text messaging campaign developed to empower your community to make healthier choices.

Get support from the OHM team to:

Educate and empower your congregation

Expand your network and build relationships

Connect with providers, professionals, and experts

Join us
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