1608 Louisiana Ave, Waycross, GA 31503, USA


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Wellness & Disease Prevention, Healthy Eating/Active Living

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Powerhouse of Faith

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Kirksey Sr.

Pastor Kenneth Kirksey Sr.

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Powerhouse of Faith Healing and Deliverance Tabernacle was founded in 1973 by the late, Elder Ronnie Lee McGee, Sr.


In May 1994, our founder transitioned to his heavenly home, and gave us two vital instructions 'Whatever you do... stay with God' and Elder Kirksey is the next successor.


In June 1994, Dr. Kenneth Anthony Kirksey, Sr. was officially installed as Pastor.


Dr. Kirksey's vision is to produce a Christ Centered, bible-based ministry operating in the Power of the Holy Spirit; bringing healing, wholeness, and deliverance to the end time world.


Thereby glorifying Christ, bringing salvation to the lost; empowering the Saints; strengthening the family; disciplining, loving and nurturing people into the Kingdom of God.